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BASSJAXX puts his best foot forward with his first released, “FEEL THAT WAY”.

Mumbai has long been considered a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, and one man who’s very much indicative of the country’s new era of talent is BASSJAXX

Merchant Marine officer Naren Tiwari who is also known as BASSJAXX is a Big Room, Tropical House, Progressive House, and Future Bass, producer. Proving himself as one of the most prolific electronic experts from India.

Very passionate and hard-working BASSJAXX started his musical journey at an early age. After listening to Avicii’s music he started producing his beats and along with music production, he also fulfills his dream of having an adventurous life and being a merchant marine.

Light-hearted fun has always been at the center of BASSJAXX’s charm, something that has now intrinsically connected him with thousands of fans worldwide on his new release. There’s no doubt that BASSJAXX is an individual beginning to leave his musical mark on the international scene. Watch out for him in a city near you soon.

Here’s the demo of upcoming future house track “Feel That Way” with some heavy synth-laden, explosive bass-driven and energy-filled, packing a monumental punch of power and energy, yet also pulling in plenty of emotion and drama, this is an epic workout that infects the brain and the feet in equal measure.

Snapping 808’s, whirring synths, pounding 4/4, create an intense soundscape right from the start. As stabbing synths and futuristic keys filter in over the top, the drama begins to rise, soaring to the top of this undoubted stadium fillers. As we push beyond the rafters, the track spills over into unadulterated frenzy with crunching synth, thumping drums and grumbling bass paving the way forward for this unhinged future house track “Feel That Way” to blast us beyond stratosphere.

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