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Why it is better to mix a song with all the beat stems rather than instrumental which already mixed?

admin | December 31, 2018

The authenticity of any music track depends mostly on its mixing. Its a fact that the better quality track scope there is only while mixing the track properly in the best studio environment. But there’s often a confusion if one should buy MP3 version or WAV Stems version. Its true that buying just the MP3 of the beat will cost you lesser than buying the beat in WAV format. But the matter is about the quality of your track.

MP3 version is cheaper for the reason that it is compressible. Whereas the WAV version remains uncompressed. Also, the difference between the two of them is fairly noticeable as the MP3 version has a crunchy oversaturated sound. WAV version comes in handy when you have to give your track for mixing. With WAV, the audio engineer has full control over the track and can fix any mixing issues with the beat. Most of the times producers might have very few know about audio engineering. But that can be filled by a professional audio engineer.

It will be very helpful for you to provide all the beat stems in WAV version to the audio engineer as then he can make your track more defined by working on the frequencies of a different beat as required. However, this cannot be possible if the beats are in MP3 format. Depending on your usage of the tracks you can decide if you would like to go for WAV version or stick to having the beat as one track instrumental. For example, if you want to upload your track on Soundcloud, then its totally fine having just one track instrumental. But if you are looking forward to putting your work on a more professional platform, then you must go for WAV version as it will help you present your best product.

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